Barcelona Culinary Hub is a school specializing in the gastronomic sector. His main offer of studies are masters in cooking. The master’s degrees offered by the school are the following:

1. Management and innovation in restaurants

This master’s degree lasts 12 months, in online format and is mainly based on learning how to adapt quickly to changes in the hospitality sector. The main competencies are the development of managerial skills and the application of strategic solutions, familiarization with gastronomic journalism and the creation of management projects, among others.

2. Communication and experience of the gastronomic client

The master’s degree in communication and gastronomic customer experience specializes in the communication of professionals with customers in the gastronomy sector. It also lasts 12 months in online format. The main objectives of the master’s degree are: specialization in gastronomic trends and creating them, professionalization with new digital marketing technologies and knowledge of new business models, among others.

3. Innovation, entrepreneurship and culinary management

This course, like the two mentioned above, lasts 12 months in online format. The main goals are the wide knowledge of the sector and to have a global vision of this one, development of the own characteristics of a leader, creation and direction of companies, among others.

4. Product innovation and gastronomic techniques

The master’s degree in product innovation and gastronomic techniques is also in online format with a duration of 12 months. With this master’s degree, the aim is to acquire knowledge of creative processes in the culinary world, the application of sustainable techniques and, as a main axis, the aim is to master the three main gastronomic products: meat, seafood and vegetable products.