Presentation within the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2023 of a map of Catalan cooks that transmit knowledge of Catalan cuisine to the world.


They are “CATalitzadors” of Catalan cuisine” in the world.


  • Establish a network of Catalan Cuisine Catalysers in the world, through the structure of the Science and Cooking World Congress.
  • Plan: Projects, relationships, collaborations, or any activity that can contribute to creating knowledge.


This project is linked to the Manifesto that was signed in 2019 at the First SCWC Barcelona 2019 Congress. (attached as annex). ecution: Document of constitution of the network with the idea of Presenting the Project at the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona 13 November 2023 at 10am at the University of Barcelona. It will be a short but positioning act of the project where the accreditation document will be given to the members of the project.


Benefits of being part of this structure:


  1. You can do any activity with the seal/logo of the Structure Science and Cooking Word Congress. You must request the logo and indicate the activity you want to do.
  2. Help in what you may need backed up by the Science and Cooking World Congress.
  3. Entrance to the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona and to all the activities generated by the organization.
  4. Contacts with institutions, companies and professionals within our reach.


AULA MAGNA (Historical Building University of Barcelona)


Monday / Monday / Monday 13th November


9:00 am Welcome and official presentation of the Congress
Dr. Joan Guàrdia (Main Professor at the University of Barcelona), …(Conseller of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda), …(Councilor of Commerce, Markets, Consumption, Internal Regime and Treasury of the Barcelona City Council), …(Deputy Delegate of Mobility, Natural Spaces and Prevention of Forest Fires McWary Congress (Chairman of the Barcelona Provincial Council), Ferran Adrià Presentation of the Catalysers Project “Cuina Catalana al món” and delivery of accreditations.


Pere Castells (President of SCWC BCN) Responsible for the creation of the Catalising Structure “Cuina Catalana al mon” (Catalan Cuina in the World).


Network in creation:


  • Jordi Vallès (Hong Kong)
  • Marti Carlos (Singapur)
  • Nuria Gibert (Singapur)
  • Edgar Sanuy (Hong Kong)
  • Ferran Tadeo (Bangkok)
  • Abraham Balaguer (Switzerland)
  • Oscar Bosch (Sao Paulo)
  • Xesc Sancho (Kallstadt, Germany)
  • Angel Roqueta (Ginebra, Switzerland)
  • Marc Torices (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Mateu Villaret (Japan)
  • Gerard Villaret (Bangkok)
  • Alex Molina (Shanghai, China)
  • Lores Mark (Portugal)
  • Ivan Tarrago (Yakarta)
  • Alain Devahive (Singapur and Asia in general)
  • Jordi Grau (Sport Hotels Resort & Spa Executive Chef Soldeu Principality of Andorra)
  • Josep Barahona (Japan)
  • Jordi Oliver (Fonda St. Jordi in Ebisu (Shibuya-Tokyo)
  • Marc Canalis (Tokyo)
  • Carlos Montobbio (Singapore)
  • David Vives. Asia Consultant
  • Sergi Vallés. Hotansa. Andorra




Meetings in Barcelona, professors, chefs, researchers, communicators and experts from all over the world who in recent decades have contributed to the understanding and innovation of gastronomy from our different disciplines, within the framework of the Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2019 that has been held in the Aula Magna of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona on March 4, 5 and 6 within the activities of the III 2019 Catalan Cuisine Congress.


Draft this manifesto aimed at the economic sector of food and gastronomy, the administration, educational managers and society in general, to establish the basic principles of a new discipline or field of knowledge that in recent years has taken shape.


  • Cooking is an essential activity for humans, which distinguishes it from other animals and is necessary for all aspects of their diet and well-being.
  • Cooking, by its very nature, is continually evolving to adapt to social, economic, ethical and lifestyle changes.
  • Science is fundamental to generating new knowledge and science, applied to cooking, promotes culinary innovation.
  • The purpose of the kitchen is to modify foods so that they are more suitable for man: “good for food”, “good for thinking” and “good for health”.
  • These “good” concepts cannot be reduced to the interpretation of isolated concepts, present in other sciences. It is becoming increasingly necessary to have a vision of our own born from a holistic view of everything related to cooking.
  • Higher vocational or university training must incorporate new culinary knowledge based on scientific evidence into programs and activities linked to cooking.
  • For all these reasons, Scientific Gastronomy, understood as culinary and gastronomic science, must be considered a new and independent discipline, with its own paradigms, but that relates to other sciences in a constructive way.
  • Administrations must incorporate this new reality into the planning of training, research and innovation promotion programs, with total equivalence with the rest of recognized areas or areas of knowledge.
  • Culinary innovation within the professional sphere and the creation of specific doctorates in the field of higher education must be promoted as the purposes of this standardization process.
  • The Scientific Gastronomy advocates the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations, especially the global values of sustainability, social responsibility and humanity.


For all these reasons indicated above, the promoters of this manifesto agree to work together and cooperatively so that this new discipline, the “Scientific Gastronomy”, is promoted and disseminated through all types of activities. Also, in order to carry out a periodic monitoring of the evolution of these objectives, it is agreed to create a periodic “Science and Cooking” congress and a monitoring body that acts as a permanent observatory called “Barcelona Observatory on Science and Cooking”.


Barcelona, March 6, 2019