Zyrcular Foods

Today we are talking about Zyrcuar Foods, a company with different lines of business focused on the world of healthy and sustainable gastronomy.

Zyrcular Foods is largely dedicated to the research and production of healthy and sustainable food with that Mediterranean touch so exclusive to our geographical area.

One of its great achievements is the Zyrcular Origins, a quality seal that verifies the foods that carry it as safe, healthy, sustainable and equitable.


Likewise, they have launched a line of vegetable burgers with chicken flavor, beef with caramelized onion and beef brassato flavor with a total meat experience. These burgers are called Amara and are already available in some supermarket chains. They will soon launch a new beef flavor with truffle.

It should be noted that Zyrcular Foods, being a pioneer in the preparation of this type of plant food in Spain, is highlighting the Mediterranean gastronomic style in its products in a safe and sustainable way. One of the advantages of the production of foods based on vegetable protein is that they greatly reduce their ecological footprint, reaching up to 90% less CO2 and water consumption than their meat counterparts.