Motif Food Works

Sponsor Motif Food Works

Sponsor Motif FoodWorks defines itself as a different food technology company.


They know that the world is hungry for plant foods and that is why they are reinventing the way science is applied to food production. They are doing this based on plants, obtaining better-tasting, more nutritious and sustainable foods.


Unique design

Unlike other food and ingredient companies, they were created to benefit outsiders. They are an agile organization with seasoned professionals who have lived in and run food businesses, along with science and technology experts who have revamped, innovated and engineered advanced solutions. Together they select and connect with world-class scientists, universities, partners and technology platforms.



They have assembled an unparalleled team of experts from the food industry and from world-class academic and scientific institutions.



They integrate and apply innovative technology focused on closing the biggest gaps and solving the food innovation challenges of today and tomorrow.



They creatively add exclusive ideas and a unique network of partnerships to fully unlock the secret building blocks of food to rewrite the rules of food design.



  • Jonathan McIntyre: CEO
  • Saloni Varma: CFO
  • Michelle Leonard: Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Research and Development.