It is a company dedicated to the production of culture media for microbiology, supplements and additives for the laboratory of quality control, research and production.

As a second line of business, it designs and builds equipment for the industrial production of prepared culture media, from plate and tube fillers to media preparers.

They have to offer us 3 different services:

Manufacture: Manufacture of culture media for third parties or with own brand
Formulations: Special formulations according to customer requirements
Advice: Advice / consultancy in the start-up or optimization of existing production plants


With a rigorous raw material selection process and committed to the quality of the products produced, RPD has two ISO certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and manufacturing processes under GMP guidelines.

The quality management system of RPD, S.L, is applicable to the production of all culture media and reagents for microbiology manufactured in the company, involving all the processes that are necessary for this.