Actividades Science & Cooking World Congress 2020.

Sala Paranimf – Universitat de Barcelona

8:30 h | Accreditations and reception

Accreditation of those present and reception service.

09:30 h | Inauguration of the Congress

Consellers  Generalitat de Catalunya

Ada Colau or a representative from Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Dr. Joan Elias – Magnificent Rector of the University of Barcelona

Ferran Adrià – President of the Gastronomic Scientific Committee of the Congress

Davide Cassi (Universidad de Parma)

Pere Castells – President of the Congress

Message from Harold McGee. Presentation of the Congress.

10:15 h | Presentation of projects
  • Project Observatory Science and Cooking Barcelona.
  • Projects de Derrek Hull.Executive Director The Trotter Project.
10:45 h | Inaugural Session

Project: “How the microbiome relates to nutrition and health”. Ryan Taft (Illumina) and Daniel Mc Donald (The Microsetta Initiative)

Personalized nutrition research: Tim Spector

Science & Cooking & Health (in collaboration with Torribera Mediterranean Center)

11:30h | Presentation: Science and cooking and HEALTH

Abel Mariné: Scientific-gastronomic committee of the Congress.

Mediterranean Diet as a method – Ramón Estruch (UB-Clínic).

12:00 h | Science and Cooking and food security

José Juan Rodríguez (UAB)

12:30 h |Brunch Science & Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

13:30 h |Microbioma and microbiota

Danone and Ilumina and The Microsetta Initiative expert.

14:00h |Convergence between the Food System and the Health System

Lluís Serra – (Universidad de Las Palmas)

14:30h |Neurogastronomia

Miguel Sánchez Romera.

15:00h |Science and Cookig y Disfagia

Anna Paré.

15:30h | Geriatric-Soft diets in Japan and Korea

How have they worked on this issue?  José Miguel Aguilera and Abel Mariné

16:00h | German Geriatric Food Project

Hampp Media and Gastrocultura Mediterrània.

Jürgen Mann and Joan Solé

Science & Cooking: Research in the World

9:00 h | Presentation Research in the World

Luciana Bianchi: expert in gastronomy and President Galapagos Foundation.

09:30 h | Science and Cooking in Amazonia. A mythical product: Cassava tuber

Denise Araujo: chef and gastronomic researcher.

10:00h | Science and cooking in Amazonia Cassava leaves

Elisangela Valle: chef and gastronomic researcher, businesswoman from University of Manaus.

10:30 h | Revaluation of the algae

José Miguel Aguilera (Gastronomic Engineering) and Rodolfo Guzmán (Boragó restaurant).

11:00h | Research Science and Cooking in Asian

Gaggan Anand.

11:30h | New cooking technologies

Davide Cassi and Massimiliano Alajmo.

12:00 h | Tradition and avant-garde in Turkish cuisine

Fatih Tutak and Gokmen Sozen.

12:30h | Brunch Science and Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

Science and Cooking Social

13:30h | Presentacion Science and Cooking Social

Florence Egal: Food Project Expert (FAO).

Project “Coopératives de Femmes Africanes”  Georgina Regàs and african representative of the cooperative.

14:00h | Culinary solutions to food waste

Ada Parellada, Espigoladors and Gemma Salvador.

14:30h| Science and Cooking as a project for Sustainability by territories

Florence Egal

15:00h | Galapagos Foundation

Luciana Bianchi.

15:30h | The Trotter Project

Derrek Hull: Executive Director The Trotter Project.


16:00h | World Central Kitchen (Thinkfoodgroup)

José Andrés.

Science and Cooking Research Fermentations

9:00 h | Presentation: Science and cooking Research Fermentations

Jorge Ruiz. University of Extremadura expert in Science and cooking.

From beer to “kombucha”: Daniel Asensio (RPD).

Kombucha practical part: Kendra Sepulveda.

09:30h | Noma Fermentations

René Redzepi o David Zilber  (to be confirmed)

10:00 h | Fermentations research in Mugaritz

Andoni Luis Aduriz

10:30 h | Gastrolab fermentation

Giuseppe Lannotti (Kresios restaurant).

Marc Santanaria  (Casa Xicarestaurant).

11:00h | Masa Madre

Mariana Koppmann.

Presented by: Luciana Quintana

11:30h | Fermentations in Asian cuisine

Speaker to confirm

12:00h | Work with fermentations Celler de Can Roca

Joan Roca y/o  Bernat Guixé

12:30h | Brunch Science & Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.


13:30h | Closing of the Congress: Science and Cooking (Harvard)

Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science Cours on line.

Science and cooking book. Dave Weitz and or Pia Sorensen

With the participation of:

  • Ferran Adrià (elBulliFoundation)
  • Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca)
  • Carles Tejedor (Oillab)
  • Pere Planagumà (Gastro Ventures)
  • Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany)
  • Enric Rovira
14:30h | Concretions development of the manifesto

Expose: Carles Tarasó and Camilo Ruiz.


  • Mariana Koppmann
  • Puri Garcia
  • Javier Martínez
  • Jorge Ruiz
  • Sergio Laguarda
  • Maria Dolores Garrido
  • Juan Carlos Arboleya
  • Cesar Vega
  • Luciana Quintana
  • Florence Egal
  • Davide Cassi
  • Pere Castells
15:30h | Awards SFERIC AWARDS

Claudi Mans presents.

Davide Cassi. Physicist of the University of Parma, expert in science and cooking.

Mariana Koppmann. Biochemistry, expert in molecular gastronomy and hygienic advice.

Claudi Mans. Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering of the University of Barcelona, disseminator of Science and Cooking.

Pere Castells. Chemist and President of the Science & Cooking World Congress, as President of the Jury.

Consultant: Luciana Bianchi.

Deliver the Prize (s): Montserrat Rivero (President of ACCA), Ferran Adrià y Joan Roca (winners of the previous year).

El horario puede estar sujeto a cambios.

Aula Magna – Universitat de Barcelona

Science and Cooking Aplicacions

11:30 h | Presentation Science and Cooking Aplicacions

Sergio Laguarda and Maria Dolores Garrido (INDAGA members and experts in Science and Cooking)

Haute cuisine versus popular cuisine : Jefferson Rueda (chef Casa do Porco Bar). Washington Rueda (Specialist in food technology).

12:00h | “21st Century Gastronomy, From Laboratory to Dish”

Mario Sandoval (chef)  and Marta de Miguel (scientific from CSIC).

12:30 h | Brunch Science & Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

Science and Cooking Technology

13:30 h | Presentation Science and Cooking Tecnology

Puri Garcia and Javier Martínez (INDAGA members and experts in Science and Cooking)

Haute cuisine appliances and tools applied to social benefits: Heinz Wuth (El Volcán Santiago de Chile).

14:00h | 3D printing and cooking

Felip Fenollosa CIM-UPC. Application Joel Castanyé (La Boscana Restaurant)

14:30h | Appliances to improve the cooking

Ángel Salvador (100% Chef)

15:00h | Research with special appliances to gastronomy

Aleix Barandiaran (Gastro Ventures)

15:30h | Tecnology and Food Pairing

Bernard Larousse

16:00h | Artificial Intelligence: a new ingredient of creativity in the world of chocolate

Artificial Intelligence: a new ingredient of creativity in the world of chocolate: with François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies » and Sony Corporation Tokyo.

Science and Cooking. Economics

9:00 h | Presentation Science and Cooking Economics

Marius Rubiralta (UB teacher. He has been rector of the UB and Secretary of State of Universities).

News esferifications. Restaurant Disfrutar  (to be confirmed)

09:30h | The essential research to introduce the Plankton in gastronomy

Alberto Palomar (gastronomic advisor and CCO of Marine Plankton) and Angel León (to be confirmed).

10:00h | Products of the culinary revolution

To be confirmed.

10:30 h | Vegan pastry

Marike van Beurden (Vegane Pastry Iconics).

11:00h | Economics and Sustainability

Ivan Brehm: Nouri Restaurant (Singapur).

11:30h | Vegan research

Aplicación: Giuseppe Scionti (Nova Meat).

12:00 h | Economic development program

Parc a Taula (Diputació de Barcelona) and different producers and chefs.
Application at dinner November 4.

12:30h | Brunch Science and Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

Science and Cooking Outreach

13:30h | Presentation Science and Cooking Dissemination

Toni Iruela (Observatoy Science and Cooking).


14:00h | Revolution Science and Cooking and journalism

Davide Paolini (periodista y gastrónomo).

14:30h | Science and cooking and Paleontology

Lluís Garcia (Institut del Patrimoni Cultural Immaterial).

15:00h| Science and Cooking and the history

Maria Soler (UB).

15:30h | Modernist Cuisine

Modernist Bread: “The Past, Present and Future of Artisan Bread“.

Francisco Migoya.

16:00h | Art and cooking

Jessica Jaques (Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the UAB arts).

Science and Cooking Education

9:00h | General Presentation

Salvador Brugués: EHTG. Member of the Scientific-Gastronomic Committee of the Science and Cooking World Congress.

Research at Le Chef Collegue Veracruz Mexico. Jose Burela

Research at the INACAP Chile Center for Gastronomic Innovation: Sumito Estévez.

09:30h | Squishy Physics Physics dissemination project through the kitchen

Alberto Fernandez-Nieves.

10:00 h | Research in “Grau de Ciències culinàries i gastronòmiques de Barcelona”

Vinyet Capdet (CETT) y Axel Bidon-Chanal (UB)

10:30 h | BCC Investigations: International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

Juan Carlos Arboleya (to be confirmed)

11:00 h | The contribution of science to the training of Cuban chefs

Mª Esther Abreu (scientific) y Ariel Mendoza  (chef).

11:30 h | Science and Cooking - Bean to bar

Olivier Fernández: Escola Pastisseria de Barcelona / Museu de la Xocolata

12:00 h | A course of Gastronomic Engineering. The engineering inside the dishes

José Miguel Aguilera

12:30h | Brunch Science & Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

El horario puede estar sujeto a cambios.

Aula Ramón y Cajal – Universitat de Barcelona

Tuesday, November 3, Wednesday, November 4, Thursday, November 5

Special sessions of manifestations of the manifestó.

  • It is coordinated by Carles Tarasó and Camilo Ruiz (Paral·lelfood).
  • They will be planning these days in a MANIFESTO SPECIAL CLASSROOM.


Chefs and scientists developing and giving content to the MANIFESTO.


Mariana Koppmann, Puri Garcia, Javier Martínez , Jorge Ruiz, Sergio Laguarda, Maria Dolores Garrido, Juan Carlos Arboleya , Luciana Quintana, Luciana Bianchi, Axel Bidon-Chanal , Salvador Brugués, Florence Egal, Cesar Vega, Davide Cassi i Pere Castells, among other speakers or the public of the Congress.