At the 21st century has produced at the world of the gastronomy a phenomenon that has blended research, innovation, imagination, creativity and also technological development. Continuum a tracked of conjoint performances that have carried out among cooks, tecnòlegs and scientists of a lot of different spheres of ken. At the frame of the III Catalan Congress of the Cuisine 2018-2019, the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2019 has reflected continuum this movement. The success of the event has been evident. The presence of the most prestigious speakers of the sphere of the Science and Cuisine —a twentieth of cooks, one fortieth of scientists and other economic and social personalities of countries like Italy, Chile, Japan, France, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, England, Been Joined and obviously Catalonia and continuum the Spanish State— have given at this Congress a big transcendence. In addition, the Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2019 has established Barcelona as a capital of the innovation and culinary and gastronomic ken.

The mark Science & Cooking Barcelona does not have at viewing only with the cuisine, the gastronomy and the alimentary industries regarding the leadership of new projects, but that also affects other sectors that can relate, like the tourism, the health and the territory. This global impact already reflects at the manifesto «Scientific Gastronomy Barcelona 2019» that demands the consideration of a new sphere of ken and that definitely will mark the future. At this sense, the II Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona 2020: Research, economics and health, that will celebrate of the 3 at the 5 of November of the 2020, already poses as a interdisciplinary. It Will include, therefore, conjoint reports on several sectors of the research at science and cuisine, taking into account his apps at the society at relation with the economics and the health, indispensable pillars for the development.

Pere Castells
President of the Committee Organiser of the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona

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