Aigües de Barcelona

Today we are talking about Aigües de Barcelona, ​​the public-private company that manages the water of the metropolitan territory of Barcelona.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona is one of the most populated areas in Europe. Formed by 36 municipalities and with more than 3 million inhabitants, it is not an easy area to manage in terms of water supply. That is why doing it in an efficient and increasingly environmentally responsible way is of remarkable merit. And this is the main function of Aigües de Barcelona.

On its website we can see how the public-private company is strongly linked to the history and culture of Barcelona, ​​as well as the rest of the towns of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona. In its section “L’aigua de la teva ciutat” we can investigate the functioning of each city and even each neighborhood and learn about its history.

In addition, Aigües de Barcelona considers water as a public good and is aware of the difficulties that part of the population has in paying bills. That is why it tries to make their payment as easy as possible with aid and bonuses for the most disadvantaged.

Finally, it should be noted that despite the stories and rumors that run among the population about the poor condition and taste of Barcelona’s water, the relevant European bodies endorse the quality of the city’s water and demonstrate in their reports that it is completely safe for use. drink and that is even above the average agreed with international organizations.