SCWC 2023: Processes and dynamics in the world’s kitchens

Article from Excelencias Gourmet.

In November, specifically on the 13th, 14th and 15th, Barcelona will host the Science & Cooking World Congress, which will celebrate its fourth edition in 2023 under the motto “Processes. Tradition and innovation.” Thus, by the end of the year, Barcelona will be the epicenter of innovation and development in the food universe.

And one of the topics that will be addressed within the congress program will be observation and reflection on the processes in the different cuisines of the world, and that through some of the 30 Delegations of the Science and Cooking World Congress it will be a tour of this exciting question.

The person in charge of conducting this matter will be Jordi Tresserras, expert in cultural heritage management and cultural and creative tourism, professor at the University of Barcelona and Member of the UNITWIN Network of the UNESCO Chair, who will give a first introduction in relation to the processes in different gastronomic cultures of the world.

And the first of these “trips” will be to Turkey, led by Aylin Öney – president of the SCWC Barcelona-Turkey Delegation – who, thanks to her training in architecture and cuisine, is collaborating with the study and dissemination of the Turkish cuisine and its roots in the Ottoman Empire.

Important Latin American role in SCWC 2023

The tour will continue in the Amazon, “lungs of the world” and natural treasure of the South American continent, which Joana Martins will speak about, specialized in products from this region with the aim of producing elaborations with added value through innovation and the bioeconomy. She will be supported in this presentation by Denise Araujo, President of the SCWC Barcelona-Brazil Delegation and a great expert in Amazonian cuisine. As a culmination, some of these products derived from innovation will be tested and will culminate with a workshop.

Without leaving the continent, the Science & Cooking World Congress programming will make a stop in the Galapagos Islands, led by Lucia Bianchi, cook-scientist and writer, as well as director of the Galapagos Foundation, an institution focused on gastronomy, conservation and sustainability , and President of the SCWC Barcelona-Ecuador and Galapagos Delegation.

Among its achievements are its preparations with local products from the creation of gardens, or its support for local producers and farmers, mainly focused on the empowerment of women and youth in the region.
And the congress could not forget two reference countries in terms of gastronomic tradition and culture, such as Mexico and Argentina. In relation to the Central American nation, spicy preparations will take center stage, through a journey through “capsaina”, a substance present in chili peppers. This first talk will be led by one of the representatives of the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Mexico Delegation.

As for Argentina, the protagonist could not be other than the “asado“, an emblematic Argentine preparation about which Mariana Koppmann, biochemist and great expert in science and cooking, will speak.

Everything will be complemented with a work table in which she will analyze the usefulness of the delegations within this dissemination work at the Science & Cooking World Congress.

Photo: Jordi Tresserras Coordinator and moderator of the block of presentations on Gastronomic-scientific processes in the Kitchens of the world and Denise Araujo (SCWC Barcelona-Brazil Delegation)