Science & Cooking World Congress 2021 activities

Aula Magna – Universitat de Barcelona

8:30 h | Accreditation collection and reception

Accreditation collection and reception

09:30 h | Welcome and official presentation of the Congress

Councillors Generalitat de Cataluña

Ada Colau or representative of the City Council of Barcelona,

Dr. Joan Elias (Magnificent rector of the University of Barcelona)

Ferran Adrià (President of the Congressional Scientific Gastronomic Committee)

Davide Cassi (University of Parma)

Pere Castells (President of Congress).

Message from Harold McGee and Hervé This. Presentation of the Congress.

10:15 h | Presentation of projects
  • Delegations Science and Cooking World Congress.
  • SCWC Observatory: Toni Iruela.
  • Projects by Derrek Hull. Executive Director The Trotter Project.Online
10:45 h | Opening session

Project: “How the microbiome relates to nutrition and health”. Ryan Taft (Illumina) and Daniel Mc Donald (The Microsetta Initiative). ) Online

Science and Cooking and health

11:30h | Science, Cooking. Pandemic and Food Safety

José Juan Rodríguez (UAB)

12:00 h | Brunch Science & Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of Congress products and techniques

Science and Cooking. Sustainability

13:00 h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona- Dinamarca.

Holistic Cuisine. Rasmus Munk (chef and co-owner) and Diego Prado (Head of r&d) Alchemist Explore

13:30 h | Science and Cooking. The role of water in sustainability

The quality of tap water. Miquel Paraira, Director of Water Quality Aigües de Barcelona.

14:00h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Buenos Aires Delegation

Mariana Koppmann (Aula Magna) and Projects in the delegation. Online

14:30h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Bangkok Delegation

Sustainability and Research Science and Cooking in Asia. Gaggan Anand. Online

15:00h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Amazonia Delegation

Sustainability in the Amazon Online

Elisangela Valle, Cook, researcher and entrepreneur + University of Manaus.

15:30h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Buenos Aires Delegation. Sub-delegation Ushuaia

Sustainability in Patagonia (Ushuaia) Online

Lino Adillón. Volver Restaurant and environmental activist.

16:00h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Nihonbashi (Tokyo) & Montreal (Canada) Delegations

Biodiversity & Sustainability Molecular Analysis. Multidisciplinary Inclusive and Creative R & D Aromas Lab.  By “Chartier Aroma-LAB” Barcelona/Nihonbashi/Montreal

Live from Barcelona, and Online from Tokyo and Montreal

16:30h | Vegetable proteins for a more sustainable food future

Ot Fortuny, Zyrcular Foods

17:00h | The full use of bluefin tuna is key to sustainability.

Begonya Melich, head of R&D and Ekaitz Apraiz, executive chef of Tunateca. Balfegó.

17:30h | Circular economy and industry

Jordi Gallego,

18:00h | Food strategy from Cataluña, food at the service of citizens

Application at dinner on November 8thThe cuisine of the future’.

12:00 h | WholeFruit Chocolate

Ramón Morató i altres. Barry Callebaut.

Science and Cooking. Sustainability and Economy

9:00 h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Parma Delegation

Davide Cassi. Evolution of the SCWC Barcelona Manifesto 2019

09:30 h | Essential research to introduce plankton into gastronomy.

Speaker: Alberto Palomar (Gastronomic advisor and CCO of Plancton Marino) and Ángel León.

10:00h | Research and sustainability. From sustainable proteins to 3D printing

Giuseppe Scionti, Felip Fenollosa, Sergi Payà and all.

10:30 h | Sustainability and bakery

Vegane Iconics. Marike van Beurden

11:00h | Sustainability from the coffee-growing area of Colombia

Diego Panesso (Restaurante Ambar y Cámara de Comercio Risaralda-Colombia) y  Carlos David Morales, Proyecto Culinaria Nativa del Tatamá. Online

11:30h | Modernist Cuisine and Sustainability

Francisco Migoya Online

12:00h | Brunch Science and Cooking

Appetizer and demonstration of Congress products and techniques

13:00h | WholeFruit Chocolate

Ramón Morató and others. Barry Callebaut.

13:30h | Creation of a company through gastronomic research

Caviaroli. Ramón Ramón

Science and Cooking Social

14:00h | Science and Cooking and the elderly

Beyond soft diets. Applications. Carme Ruscalleda, Anna Paré and Assumpció Roset. Gastrocultura Mediterrània Project.

14:30h | Science and Cooking and food waste

Ada Parellada and Gemma Salvador.

Food for Soul Project. Massimo Botura and/or Lara Gilmore. President of Food for Soul (To be confirmed).

15:00h | Sustainable territorial development: a role for good Science and Cooking

Florence Egal. Application in the SCWC Barcelona Madagascar Delegation. Lucia Ranja

15:30h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona - Galápagos Delegation

Sustainability and gastronomy in Galapagos. Galápagos Foundation. Luciana Bianchi. Online

16:00h | Sustainability and social purpose

Practical application in the world of bees. Project Aristeu. Juan Puerto.

16:30h | World Central Kitchen (Thinkfoodgroup)

José Andrés Online and Carles Tejedor

17:00h | Economic development programme Parc a Taula

Different producers and chefs (Diputació de Barcelona). Application at dinner on November 9th.

Training in Science and Cooking

9:00 h | Training in Science and Cuisine

Training unit and online courses.

Rafa Llin and Salvador Brugués.

Bakery online training, Adriana Jaworska and Jordi Bordas

09:30h | Training in the Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences Degree

UB-CETT Barcelona. Vinyet Capdet and Axel Bidon-Chanal .

BCC – Juan Carlos Arboleya

10:00 h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona- La Habana Delegation

The contribution of science in the training of Cuban cooks.

Ma Esther Abreu Scientist, Ariel Mendoza cook and others Online

10:30 h | Presentation SCWC Barcelona – Xile Delegation

Course “Science and Cooking online” and other activities. Heinz Wuth (El Volcán Santiago de Chile).

11:00h | Harold McGee and training

Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World’s Smells. New Book Online

Science and Cooking Technology

11:30h | Sustainability. Technology and Food Pairing

Bernard Lahousse

12:00h | Brunch Science & Cooking

Aperitif and demonstration of products and techniques of the congress.

13:00h | Presentation of the SCWC Barcelona-Peru Delegation.

Design of kitchen utensils to provide a solution for people with disabilities or special needs. Alejandra Ratti Science and Cooking Course. University of Engineering and Technology – UTEC in Perú

13:30h | Research with special devices applied to gastronomy

Aleix Barandiaran. Gastro Ventures.

14:00h | Non Gravital food

Ignacio de Juan Creix and Xavier Morón, Plat Institut.

14:30h | Artificial Intelligence: a new ingredient of creativity in the world of chocolate

François Chartier, “Créateur d’harmonies” and Sony AI Tokyo


15:00h | Cierre del Congreso

Science and Cooking and history. María Soler UB


Science and Cooking (Harvard)

Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science Cours online. Science and cooking book. Dave Weitz and Pia Sorensen  online


With the participation of:

  • Ferran Adrià (elBulliFoundation)
  • Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca)
  • Carles Tejedor (Oillab)
  • Pere Planagumà (Gastro Ventures)
  • Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany)
  • Enric Rovira
16:00h | Fermentations Conference

Fermentations Lab. Daniel Asensio, Asun Lopez i Meritxell Moreno. RPD

Culinary applications by Luciana Quintana.

16:30h | Sferic awards ceremony
  • Presentation Claudi Mans
  • Davide Cassi. Physicist at the University of Parma, expert in science and gastronomy.
  • Mariana Koppmann. Biochemist, expert in molecular gastronomy and hygiene advice.
  • Claudi Mans. Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Barcelona, populariser of Science and Cooking.
  • Pere Castells. Chemist and President of the Science & Cooking World Congress, as President of the Jury.
  • Luciana Bianchi, Chef with a background in Molecular Science, Associate Lecturer at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) and the Basque Culinary Center (Bculinary), director of the Galapagos Foundation.



Montserrat Rivero (President of the ACCA), Ferran Adrià, y Joan Roca (previous year’s winners) To be specified.


2020 Award for innovation in the study, evolution and application of …………., always looking for innovation in the culinary field and its relationship with research and health, developed in the restaurant …….. by the team led by ………..




Note: The awards were made public on March 14th 2020, in tribute to the speech “The physicist in the kitchen”, given on this date in 1969 by the physicist Nicholas Kurti.



2020-21 Award for innovation in the study, evolution and application of fermentations, always seeking improvement in the culinary field, developed in restaurants:

  • Noma by the team led by René Redzepi
  • Mugaritz by the team led by Andoni Luis Aduriz
  • Momofuku by the team led by David Chang

The schedule can be subject to change.

Alternative Activities:

During the Congress days

  • Explanatory visit to the Bullipedia-BulliFoundation (To be confirmed). The myth of El Bulli in its future project: Bullipedia. – Small group.
  • Posible sesión de Science and Cooking Harvard Cours y asistentes al Congreso. Por videoconferencia. (Horario 19h-Barcelona).