Discover the Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona

The Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona is the main reference and inspiration in the Gastronomy sector due to greater professionalism and a demanding society in adaptation and sustainability of the sector.

The motto of SCWC Barcelona 2021 is: “Sustainability. Investigation. Economy. Health “.


Target audience of the Science & Cooking World Congress

  • Cooks from all over the world with technical training, but not in Scientific Gastronomy.
  • Schools, universities and research centers in gastronomy.
  • Companies from the world of gastronomy and the food industry dedicated to R&D.
  • International public and private institutions that seek solutions for new realities, especially in food.
  • Population that demands a more sustainable gastronomy and industry.


Purpose for SCWC Barcelona 2021

Create Delegations around the world and draw a map of the situation of Science and Cuisine.
Define where we are with respect to the objectives set basically in the manifesto.
Indicate recommendations for the future. And in which Projects we must invest and investigate, with sustainability and social objectives as central axes.


From the theory to the practice

Hervé This

One of the main attractions of the SCWC Congress is that all the theoretical culinary explanations that will be presented during the days can be enjoyed during the subsequent brunches.

Not just theory
The combination of theory and practice will greatly enrich the training sessions.

Culinary applications
Attendees will be able to discover the real part of the theory by testing the formulas presented in the lectures.

An explosion of the senses
Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch will have a presence in these attractive tastings.


Other SCWC activities

  • SCWC International Delegations: Parma (SCWC LABS), Amazonia (Creation of structures by the Manaus and Belém do Para delegations), Buenos Aires (Culinary Chemistry Course and also the IAG Platform Safety and Hygiene Course), Havana ( table-debate traditional cuisine vs innovation cuisine with the contribution of the SCWC), Ecuador (Sustainable cooking projects and Creation of the SCWC Library), Harvard (Participation in the Harvard Course 2021), Bangkok (different activities),
    Chile (Online Science & Cuisine Course) and various workshops and local work sessions.
  • Delivery of the Sferic Awards.
  • Explanatory visit to the Bullipedia-BulliFoundation.
  • Celebration of the SCWC 2021 Dinners.
  • SCWC courses.
  • Barcelona Science and Cooking Observatory Project.
  • Genetic-Science and Cooking Barcelona Project.
  • Creation of a Science and Cooking World Congress Training Unit in collaboration with the Department of Education (Generalitat de Catalunya).