To talk about Balfegó you have to understand the passion for bluefin tuna. It is one of the most exquisite products in the world used in many haute cuisine dishes due to its incomparable flavor and excellent properties.

In the case of Balfegó, it is a Catalan company that extracts bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean Sea with one of the best extraction techniques possible, keeping the bluefin tuna in its best health conditions until the last moment.

Balfegó’s bluefin tuna has the optimum fat point since the Catalan company is unique in the market in measuring fat.

Wild bluefin tuna is caught in the Western Mediterranean and subsequently fed bluefish. Another great point in Balfegó’s favor is the slaughter technique they use for their bluefin tuna. It is a Japanese sacrifice technique: ikejime. With this technique they ensure that the fish does not have stress or suffering at the time of slaughter, preventing this from altering the final result.

It is for all this that Balfegó is one of the leading companies in the bluefin tuna market worldwide. Exporting its products all over the world and being used and revered by the best restaurants in the world.

In order to verify all this, Balfegó has created a unique traceability system in the world. Through a QR code, customers can access all the information about the bluefin tuna they are tasting, knowing the date and area of ​​capture, weight, length or fat level, in addition to the health and quality certificates. This QR code is delivered with each portion of Balfegó’s bluefin tuna so that end consumers can access this wonderful traceability system and know exactly the delicacy of the Mediterranean Sea that they are eating.