Today we are talking about CUBIQ FOODS, a Spanish food-tech company that is also one of the main sponsors of the Science and Cooking World Congress.

But before explaining what exactly they do at CUBIQ FOODS, we are going to comment on how the world of food is doing to understand how necessary companies like this are.


Thanks to scientific research carried out in recent decades, we have been able to know much better what we eat and how it affects us but also the environment. Thus, we discover which ingredients we should eliminate from our diets and which ones turn out to be beneficial for our health. A clear example of all this is palm oil. This oil is considered one of the worst saturated fats for its health effects. Remember that it can cause diabetes and that it has carcinogenic properties. And that’s not all, at an environmental level, the production of this oil is a massacre on our planet Earth due to the deforestation it causes, thus eliminating species such as the orangutan.


And this is where we return to the topic that concerns us in this article, the role of CUBIQ FOODS in our society.

As it turns out, the food-tech company is dedicated to finding solutions to these types of problems. CUBIQ FOODS investigates to collaborate in the development of products with sustainable, tasty, and healthy nutritional profiles. For example, GO! DROP, one of its flagship products, is an emulsion of vegetable oil and water that can replace palm or coconut oil. With this, they reduce the caloric content eliminating part of the saturated fats of the products, and improve the nutritional profile of processed foods.

On the other hand, CUBIQ FOODS has created GO! MEGA3, a microencapsulated seaweed oil enriched in Omega-3 that can be added to products without altering the taste. With this product from the food-tech company, the minimum values ​​of DHA + EPA are achieved, helping the normal functioning of the heart, brain, and sight.


For more information, we leave you here the link to their website and we recommend that you learn about CUBIQ FOODS, a Spanish food-tech company that leads research into the production of healthy fats.