SCWC 2023: The role of companies in gastronomic research

Article from Excelencias Gourmet.

In November, specifically on the 13th, 14th and 15th, Barcelona will host the Science & Cooking World Congress, which will celebrate its fourth edition in 2023, under the motto “Processes. Tradition and innovation.” Thus, at the end of the year, the city of Barcelona will be the epicenter of innovation and development in the universe of food, through the celebration of a congress that will address very different topics within the field of gastronomy, such as collective catering , the role of innovation in food production, or the role of companies within the scientific gastronomy segment.

This last issue will be addressed through several presentations, such as the one starring Harold McGee, the Honorary President of the Congress, Salvador Brugués, chef and professor at the EHTG (Girona School of Hospitality and Tourism) – who theorized together with Joan Roca about low-temperature cooking – and Albert Torné, from the company MyChef, who will reflect on the emergence of vacuum cooking or Sous-Vide cooking – this trend was born in haute cuisine, although today it is found in several sectors such as that of catering or collective catering – and about its process of adaptation to the sustainability needs required by today’s society.

Other speakers who will participate in SCWC 2023 will be Puri García and Xavier Martínez, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, together with Carla Soler, from the University of Valencia, who will coordinate a series of presentations related to the relevance of the food industry in the task of evolving and perfecting gastronomic processes, taking into account the role of technology in this whole matter.

Space for collaboration between industry and restoration

The Science & Cooking World Congress also wants to claim in its fourth edition as a place of connection for companies and figures linked to the gastronomic universe, with the purpose of promoting a symbiosis between both sectors.

There will, therefore, be several talks aimed at explaining the success stories of different companies, such as the presentation by Bosco Esperanza, from Moa Foodtech, in which he will explain the procedure for creating sustainable products using fermentation processes, as well as its collaboration with the OrganizationCooking Blindly.

Another of the brands participating in this circuit of presentations will be Griffith Foods, which will present its latest symbiosis projects between gastronomy and industrial products, aimed mainly at demonstrating that food products for the final consumer are increasingly more personalized.

Professionals and the public attending SCWC 2023 will also be able to learn about the success story of a Japanese culinary project, a consequence of the union between the prestigious chef Shinobu Namae, from the L’Effervescence Restaurant (Tokyo), and Hiroya Kawasaki, from the Ajinomoto company, with the purpose of investigating aromas and flavors of a mythical preparation in Japan, such as dashi. Likewise, they will present their conclusions regarding the importance of this food as an ideal dietary pattern for the future in terms of health and environmental stability.

There will also be room for new trends in sustainable food, such as the plant-based proposal of Vegetalia, a brand that produces products from vegetable protein and whose purpose is to offer a healthy and ecological diet.

Finally, the Research Chefs Association, led by Dimitris Lykomitros, will present the process of introducing new ingredients to the market and their fit into different culinary applications, as well as the importance of culinary tradition itself in the development of food.