The latest trends in pastry at the Science and Cooking World Congress that will take place in November 2023

Article from Excelencias Gourmet.

The theme of the 2023 Congress “Processes, Tradition and Innovation” could not miss the great revolution that is taking place in the world of pastry.

This part will be coordinated by Francisco Migoya, who is already a classic at the Science and Cooking World Congress and a reference in innovation in pastry. Already as a professor of pastry at the Culinary Institute of America, he stood out for his skills in visualizing the new pastry.

Subsequently, the Modernist Cuisine project has allowed him to continue exploring the limits of innovation in fields of classic pastry as well as in parallel fields such as ice cream, chocolate and bread, which allowed him to create a very extensive encyclopedic work called Modernist Bread where makes a review and claim of this essential product.

Francisco will make an introduction explaining the importance of processes in pastry making and, as a scoop, he will reveal his inspirational forays into the world of art.

Migoya will present us with a complicated union: pastry and seaweed. A challenge like this can only fall to great professionals and those who have accepted the challenge are Patricia Smith and Christian Escribà, who complement each other in every way and are already researching the different applications that can be made with seaweed in pastries. But in order to be successful, in this arduous development, the complicity of the world’s great expert on algae is needed and this is Antonio Muiños. They will explain to us what they have developed and will give some insights into the continuity of the project.

We will continue with the theme that will mark one of the important points in the future of pastry and that will be a revolution: “Fibers in pastry”. With the help of world leaders such as Sosa Ingredients, Lilibeth Rivas and Oscar Albiñana are going to explore all the research they have done on this topic that will mark a before and after in the pastry of the future.

Vanilla could not be missing as an important ingredient in pastries. Lucia Ranja, president of the SCWC BCN-Madagascar Delegation and producer of this ingredient, is going to talk about the latest trends in preparations with this product and for this purpose two young talents will complement the explanation: Yon Gallardo, who is the third generation of a family of ice cream makers and who has already become a reference for current and future ice creams, and Lluc Crusellas who is a great talent trained in the great pastry spaces of Barcelona such as Hofmann, “Espai Sucre” and in restaurant pastry shops such as Nandu Jubany. Very recently, in 2022, he won the prestigious World Chocolate Master. This presentation will be complemented by an elaboration workshop with vanilla as the protagonist.

And this block will end with a world leader, Will Goldfarb, who comes expressly from his stronghold at the “Room 4 Dessert” restaurant in Bali. His time at elBulli working alongside Albert Adrià marked his career and we all hope for a reunion. But his episode in the Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table: Pastry‘ changed his life and the entire pastry world is looking at Bali because of the trends that are generated. The title of his presentation “Hebs and pastry” is already a declaration of intentions. Its disruptive nature is sensed and expectations are very high.

All this luxury of speakers will be complemented by a work table, sponsored by Sosa Ingredients, which has been titled “The Future of Pastry” with the coordinators: Francisco Migoya and Lilibeth Rivas. It will have a luxury panel: Oscar Albiñana, Will Goldfarb, Miquel Guarro, Yon Gallardo, Lluc Crusellas, Josep Maria Guasch, Christian Escribà, Patricia Smith, Abraham Balaguer and others to be specified who will complement a work table where they will also be able to register Congress attendees who can be part of the future. At this table, a working document will be discussed with points to be approved to prepare a memorandum that is proposed as a guide to the criteria to be taken into account for a sustainable future in the pastry shop.

The intention is that each year in Congress its effectiveness is audited and complemented based on the contributions during the year.