Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Parma

President Davide Cassi


  • Proposal for the creation of “SCWC LABS” from the Parma Delegation.
  • Special Issue of Scientific Gastronomy in Foods magazine.

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Buenos Aires

President Marianna Koppmann


  • Collaboration in the Culinary Chemistry Course and also in the Safety and Hygiene Course of the IAG Platform.

SCWC Barcelona – Buenos Aires Delegation. Sub-delegation Ushuaia

President Lino Adillón


  • Sustainability in Patagonia (Ushuaia)

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Amazonía

President Elisangela Valle

  • Creation of a structure with Elisangela Valle for the Manaus delegation and Joanna Martins for the Belém do Para delegation.

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-La Habana

President Maria Esther Abreu Rojas

  • Organization of activities under the title: “The contribution of Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Havana in the training of Cuban cooks”.

First planned activity:

  • Round table of empirical cooks or more conservative cooks. Discussion about application proposals of each group and joint proposals. Territorial and sensory aspects will also be analyzed.

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Galapagos (Ecuador)

President Luciana Bianchi

  • Sustainability cooking projects in collaboration with SCWC. Zero Waste – a scientific approach – the MUYU revolution and how to integrate science and science education to achieve a sustainable and creative cuisine in a region of product scarcity and prohibitions by environmental regulations. Gastronomic research within a national park World Heritage Site. Presentation of a report on waste products signed by Luciana Bianchi and Pere Castells.
  • Creation of a collection of booklets on applied science and gastronomy – part of the “Young Scientist” project, an initiative of SCWC and Galapagos Foundation.
  • “Science and Cooking Galapagos” project of the Library and Laboratory with the support of SCWC.
  • Galapagos Foundation Talks – round table discussion with 3 experts in evolutionism, gastronomy and anthropology to discuss the formation of a cuisine and the interference of science in local food culture – direct from the island of San Cristobal where Charles Darwin tested his theory of the evolution of species by natural selection.
  • Celebration of the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s research visit to Galapagos with a special “Seed Evolution” menu at MUYU restaurant – chosen as Spirit of Latin America by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – a menu celebrating the evolution of cuisine and the efforts of chefs around the world to bring “food & science” together on the plate.
  • Presentation of the first phase of the construction of the first catalogue of PANCS (Non-conventional edible plants) of the Galapagos Islands – a project of the Galapagos Foundation, MUYU, Pere Castells and Luciana Bianchi.

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Harvard

 Presidents  David Weitz y Pia Sorensen


  • Participation in the Harvard 2021 course and joint activities.

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Bangkok

President Gagan Anand

Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Chile

President Heinz Wuth


Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona-Madagascar

President Lucia Ranja


  • Sustainability enhancement projects around vanilla plantations