After the success of Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona held in March 2019, new challenges for 2020 arise.


The combination of science and cooking has produced in recent years an expansion of knowledge and innovation. As a result, the term of Scientific Gastronomy was generated from in the SCWC Barcelona 2019 with a Manifesto (attached document). Their advances will be exhibited at the SCWC Barcelona 2020. The consolidation of the Sferic Awards is part of this environment.


In the SCWC Barcelona 2019 edition, scientists and chefs from different countries congregated such as Ferrán Adrià (Chairman of the Scientific-Gastronomic Committee), David Weitz (Harvard U.), Harold McGee, Hervé This, Davide Cassi, José Miguel Aguilera, Joan Roca, Heston Blumental, Mariana Koppmann and Massimiliano Alajmo among many others.


The SCWC Barcelona 2020 edition aims to expand internationalization with Luciana Bianchi, Heinz Wuth, Gaggan Anand, Jefferson Rueda, José Andrés, Rodolfo Guzmán, Fatih Tutak and Florence Egal among many more.


The title SCWC Barcelona 2020 “Research, Economics and Health” is established with the objective of linking the Congress to society with open workshops and demonstrations, exploring the enormous potential of Scientific Gastronomy to generate a new paradigm that allows to contribute to give solution to the great social challenges and to plan the SCWC Barcelona 2021 edition with the “Sustainability” challenge.

Pere Castells President of the SCWC Barcelona



3, 4 and 5 of november 2020



Edificio Histórico de la Universidad de Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona

Open hours


Tuesday 3rd of November: 9:00 a 16:00

Wednesday 4th of November: 9:00 a 16:00

Thursday 5th of November: 9:00 a 16:00