Griffith Foods

An international company that fosters scientific innovation in food


Griffith Foods is an American company that was born in Chicago. Griffith Foods is a global product development partner specializing in food ingredients, from condiments, coatings, flavors, baked goods, and more.


One of the most important values ​​that define Griffith Foods is sustainability. For this, they mark three fundamental aspects of their corporate philosophy: people, planet, and performance.

That is why, Griffith Foods, takes care of its employees and customers while ensuring a sustainable industry that is respectful with the environment.

Griffith Foods has more than 100 years of experience developing customized solutions for its global partners in the food industry. They work closely with their clients to help them solve their challenges. To do this, they develop condiments, from rubs and marinades to internal condiments; sauces, and dressings, innovating in mixtures that can be used in any liquid; textures and coatings, which enhance proteins, vegetables, etc; functional mixes specifically formulated for red meat, poultry and seafood; soups and side dishes, which accompany in an innovative way and provide new flavors to the consumer’s palate; and lastly dough mixes, creating bakery and dough systems that are designed to optimize flavor, texture, and performance.


Therefore, Griffith Foods is dedicated to fusing culinary arts, cutting-edge knowledge, and applying it in restaurants and food product development. They have perfected the integration of culinary arts, food science, sensory science, and consumer insights to deliver the best products and solutions to their global partners.