Science & Cooking World Congress with Lino Adillon and Pere Castells

How to conserve the great Natural Spaces

On Friday, March 25, at 12:30 p.m., a workshop will be held by chef and environmental activist  Lino Adillón from Restaurante ‘Volver’ (Ushuaia-Argentina), together with a representative of  Alaska Seafood  and the president of Science & Cooking World Congress, Pere Castells. The meeting will be at the CETT UB within the scope of the SCWC of this 2022.

Sustainability. Ingredients, Tradition and Innovation, will be the main theme of the event, in which how to conserve the great Natural Spaces will be discussed, exemplifying with Antarctica.


No to salmon farms

“No to salmon farms” is the message promoted by Lino Adillón, with the aim of making a law that prohibits progress in this industry to preserve biodiversity and the marine ecosystem a reality.

An example of the irreparable damage caused by this industry is that, approximately every ten years, salmon farming centers must change their location due to the indefinite loss of the ecosystem of the space where they are installed. This is due to multiple factors directly related to the aquaculture industry, to which Lino gives voice, actively participating in defense of the environment and wild, natural and sustainable resources.

The talk will end with the testimony of the representatives of Alaska Seafood Spain, who testify that it is possible to carry out responsible fishing while keeping the ecosystem of the region intact, giving work to the community and ensuring a sufficient supply of fish without the need for the intrusion of fish farms

Attendees will also be offered a comparative tasting between wild Alaskan salmon and farmed salmon, in order to better appreciate the differences.


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For more information on responsible fisheries management:

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)

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