Who are they?

As former coffee and tea traders, the Barry family set the tone in 1842 by traveling to Africa to seek and harvest a selection of cocoa beans to transform them into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Acquired by the enterprising La carré family in 1923, the company made the leap to the international arena while making new investments in cocoa plantations, factories and communities in both Africa and South America.

Mission and vision

They are constantly thinking about how to serve chefs by challenging them, helping them with the right tools and products, and offering them a stage in which to shine. Everything they do has a simple purpose: the intention is to encourage creativity in chefs by unleashing the sensory richness of cocoa.

Specifically, this means they are the explorers so chefs are the creators.

Being explorers means that they encourage their creativity to unleash their creativity, increase their visibility, strengthen our ties and grow their businesses. This is the common thread of everything they do.

Some of their products

Héritage: Its historical range. The first chocolate coating specially designed to help chefs create iconic French pastry applications. Made from carefully selected West African beans, the Héritage range offers perfect manageability and regularity. Great quality at an affordable price.

Cocoa butter: It is the totally purified and deodorized cocoa fat. Protects from moisture and allows pastry products to harden. Allows you to dilute the chocolate during tempering. It can also be used in pastry and pastry preparations to enhance the flavor of chocolate and provide an interesting texture to creations.