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Sosa Ingredients SL is one of the main manufacturers of top quality ingredients for pastry gastronomy in Spain.

With over fifty years of experience, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for cooking, cakes and ice cream. The range of products they offer exceeds 3,000 references between textiles, freeze-dried products, concentrated pastes and nuts.

They also have three production plants in Catalonia and two delegations in Madrid and Valencia, as well as several official distributors both locally and internationally. In addition, they are constantly growing and that is why they are now exporting products to more than 80 countries for the 5 continents.

On the other hand, they affirm that they have a close relationship with clients, creating a relationship, since they not only want to be a supplier of products, but a partner they can count on at all times.

Furthermore, they say that it is a pleasure for them to be able to develop all the specialty products that help pastry chefs and pastry chefs around the world to be more creative and that the products are developed around the four corners of the modern kitchen.

Mission and benefits

First of all, the company’s mission is to be pioneers in the world of haute cuisine, manufacturing and selling ingredients on a global scale through: less sugar, less fat, more flavor and greater texture contrast.
Second, the benefits they offer are:
– Creativity: since they offer new products, ideas and applications to the market.
– High quality: they work with high quality standards in raw materials, processes and controls.
– Didactics: they invest in explaining how to use the products throughout the world.


The company was founded in 1967 as a family business where traditional Catalan cookies and Christmas products were produced. In 1970, they expanded their range with technical ingredients for the production of ice cream. Later, in 2000, they suddenly entered modern gastronomy by devising and producing technological and high-end ingredients for restaurants and pastries. As of 2010, the first sub-brand called Home Chef was born, which is defined as the retail version of premium ingredients, that is, it focuses on non-professional kitchen lovers. In 2014 they began to travel the world focusing on the reproduction of sauces and condiments from different eras and gastronomic traditions from or the Culinary Journey line was born. In 2016 we acquired Alt Camp and La Granadella, turning them into producers of nuts. This allowed carefully selecting the raw material. Finally, in 2018, the company moved the production plants to Navarcles. Currently, it has more than 3,000 references in the product catalogue.